What is competitor analysis and how it impacts SEO?

Competitor analysis is the process of knowing what your competitors are doing for their popularity. By that, you are able to use their weaknesses in your favor. There are many competitors in business today and thus, it is important to stay informed about the different competition analysis modes available. The organizations just go to keyword mapping, link building and optimizing content without knowing that competitor analysis would do equally good for their SEO. Therefore, if you want to win in the market, you have to acknowledge that you have competitors. As such, competitor analysis should never be missed. Competitive analysis will give you the best results about the popularity of other sites. There is the importance of competitor analysis discussed below.


The first importance of competitor analysis in SEO is that it enables you to identify who your main competitors in the market are. With that, you can be able to do more analysis to gauge their standing in the market. So that you should find both your business competitors as well as online competitors. You can get help from the Best SEO experts that are at Vancouver SEO Services.


A competitor analysis helps you identify the websites that your competitors are linked to but not you. As a result, you are able to build your own link profile by adding links from websites that are already linked to your competitors. Also, you need to note that sites that link to multiple competitors will add more value to your site. Therefore, you should pay special attention to these sites by both reaching out to them and creating guest posts.


You can conduct a keyword gap analysis to determine the kind of keywords that you are lacking but are working best for your competitors. Keywords are very important is SEO and if you find that there are specific keywords that are ranking high for your competitors but you are not using them, it is advisable to include them on your site. You can use several methods to achieve this including reorganizing site architecture, reworking metadata, building links with keywords, rewriting existing content to include keywords or working on fresh content for your site.


Digital marketing is a complex process that involves a lot of actions and planning. In this process, you not only need to do SEO but also launch digital marketing campaigns that work for your individual project. The good thing is that competitor analysis enhances your digital marketing as it helps in creating complex campaigns based on the available data and the demand in the market. Therefore, it is important to dig deep into your industry so that you can know what your competitors are up to. This, however, is only possible through a thorough competitor analysis.

The analysis keeps you in the know:

When you have information about what your competitors are doing, you are in a better position to plan your strategies. Therefore, competitor analysis acts as a credible source of information that can help you improve your digital marketing strategies.

Lets you compare SEO experts:

Many people prefer SEO experts to work on their websites. This is because SEO experts have the knowledge and experience to handle SEO projects like Vancouver SEO Specialist. By looking at your competitor’s website, you are able to tell whether your SEO expert is on the right track or not.

learn about your brand mention:

Brand mention is very important in any business. This is because; as your brand gets more mentions, your products and services become more popular. So doing a competitor analysis is going to help you learn what other people are thinking about your brand. From what you find, you can be able to improvise on your goods and services so as to attract more people into your company. That way, you will get to not only grow your business but also increase revenue.

To get help you can visit SEO Agency Vancouver. Please feel free to get in contact with us here at vancouverseocompany.net@gmail.com and we can discuss what we can do for you.

Meaning of White hat SEO and Why should you prefer it?

White hat SEO implies using SEO strategies that don’t cross paths with Google and other search engine policies and guidelines. To discover what is White Hat SEO, at that point, it’s useful to begin with Google’s rules for SEO — in light of the fact that Google distributes its webmaster guidelines and spells out what constitutes black hat SEO, in spite of the fact that Google maintains whatever authority is needed to regard different strategies, procedures, and systems black hat also. Specific things white hat SEO organizations do not engage in include:

  • Implementing a search engine first instead of human-first procedures
  • Using manipulative or deceptive strategies and methods of any sort
  • Participating in link schemes
  • Creating low-quality or copied content
  • Using shrouded text (of specific types)
  • Scraping content
  • Using entryway pages
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Creating rich snippets that are deceptive or where they are not relevant
    White Hat Is The Only Way You Should Be Doing SEO:

It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re another startup or a set up local business hoping to grow its quality on the web. You’ll rapidly locate that White Hat SEO is the main supportable procedure for ranking. Besides, it’s perhaps the most effortless approach to rank on significant web indexes without paying some dues as entangled as rocket science.

White hat guarantees the correct sort of visitors coming to your way. You’ll get the conversions you have to continue onward. All the more critically, you’ll get the kind of presentation that equals success. but it does not come overnight. Interestingly, when you start on the white hat way, you’ll be going one way and one heading as it were. You won’t need to afraid of algorithm updates and your site losing the top rank if you go with Vancouver SEO Consultant White Hat SEO practices.

How about we look at how you can do white hat SEO and why it isn’t as hard as other “specialists” state it is.

White Hat SEO Is Easy:

It’s anything but a quick method to get results, however as far as system going ahead, it’s really straightforward. There are two essential segments to commence your SEO system: quality content and link building.

We should have a nearby take a gander at how every one of these components can situate your site to stand the trial of time.

Search Engine Optimization Success – Content Is King:

The entire SEO process begins when you do nearby improvement.

Content is the hidden structure and establishment of any site. This implies content directly affects how well Google will see your blog. Content can mean the contrast between you shooting up to the highest point of your specialty or not being seen at all. Rather than considering what’s useful for your site, you should concentrate more on what your group of audience will need to peruse. Content should be well-written, entertaining and polished. If you get this right, readers will not hesitate to share it to social circles. You get the rewards of getting more introduction and carrying attention to your image. The content should be easy to read and understand. For more content writing the information, you can go for Vancouver SEO Specialist.

More Traffic? You’ll Need Relevant Backlinks:

So as to be extremely successful in SEO, you’ll have to build relationships. Some portion of ranking up on search results expects you to be fairly an expert on other comparative specialty sites. Search the most famous and surely understood sites that are like yours. Contact them and offer your quality content as potential links from their domain. The key thing here is to give them a chance to feel that you have something of value to provide them.

You get two advantages from building up quality, relevant backlinks.

First, you’ll rank up on search inquiries that issue most. At the point when Google’s bots see various links coming from high-quality websites pointing to you, they’ll rank up your site accordingly.

Next, you’ll get the traffic in light of the fact that your site stays on top. This goes the two different ways — coming up with an ultimate guide will make other sites link to it. Before you know it, you’re getting hits from intrigued crowds who need to find out about what you’re advertising.

Remember To Optimize For Mobile:

User experience successfully backs up relationship building and content creation. There are various ways on how you can do this — basically, making your site speedy, responsive and appealing. Web architecture will make it simpler for guests to explore through your website. It shouldn’t take multiple clicks to get to where the user needs to go. Your structure ought to be set up such that significant web crawlers can creep and index your site.

Optimize on-page SEO, for example, the page structure, content, and headlines. It’s an easy decision that your site should load in a few seconds. You may need to consider signing up on a web facilitating platform that offers 99% uptime. More than that, your site must be upgraded for responsive review on smaller screens and have a secure connection.


We at Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC work organically as Success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep going at your white hat SEO strategies, and you’ll eventually find yourself getting the lion’s share of traffic with organic visitors! If you want to get in contact with us you can do it here at vancoverseoca@gmail.com and we can discuss what we can do for you.

What are google algorithms and how does it affect SEO?

Google algorithm is a term used for complex systems used by Google to deliver the best possible results for search queries. In this blog, I will give an inform you about Google Algorithms and how they affect Search Engine Optimization.

Google uses different algorithms to find websites that deserve a place in the search result page for each and every search query. Several factors including keywords, content quality or backlinks play roles in these algorithms to determine the results.

Google has released a huge number of minor and major updates over the years. Some of them haven’t been officially announced, but experienced SEO clearly knew about it based on the variation of search results. In this blog, we are discussing some of the major updates released by Google.

Panda – The Content Algorithm

Panda algorithm was introduced in 2011 for the websites having poor content. Websites with a variety of content issues including duplicate content, thin content, excessive external links or spamming, keyword stuffing suffered badly once the Panda algorithm was rolled out by Google.

To stay safe from the wrath of the Panda algorithm is simple:

Create original and useful content for your audience. Use keywords and external links wisely. Understand that, good content itself is SEO half done. If your website has portions for user-generated content like the comment section, make sure it doesn’t generate huge spammy content. Content moderation will help in such scenarios.

Penguin – The Backlink Algorithm

Launched in 2012, the Penguin algorithm was Google’s weapon against spammy backlink building by website owners to get their websites to the top in search engines. Earlier, webmasters used a lot of unethical methods to generate backlinks as part of their website off-page SEO. These include links from low quality, spammy websites, private blog networks or PBNs which are created exclusively for link building, irrelevant websites, paid links and over-optimized anchor texts. With Penguin, Google learned to identify such backlinks and started penalizing websites that violate Google’s policy by obtaining such backlinks.

To prevent Penguin algorithmic penalty, we must stay away from getting such low quality or irrelevant websites and to learn this you can take help from SEO Companies Vancouver. Off-page SEO is not about the quantity of backlinks, it’s about the quality of backlinks. Try to obtain natural backlinks by providing quality content on your website. Quality content generates quality backlinks.

Hummingbird – The Meaningful Algorithm 

The Hummingbird algorithm was launched in 2013. It enables Google to understand users’ intent rather than just the words in the query. It changes how google interprets a search query. This algorithm brings equal importance to related terms and synonyms of the keyword in the query in Search Engine Optimization.

After a hummingbird, we should focus more on the concept rather than just keywords to bring the best results. Usage of Latent Semantic Index, LSI (Long Tail) keywords can help in this scenario.
Understanding what people want is the key to success in post hummingbird SEO.

Pigeon – The Local Algorithm

Google Pigeon Algorithm was launched in 2014 to help Google provide relevant and accurate local search results. This algorithm affects searches that have a direct influence on the location of the user.

Traditional SEO factors play an important role, but various local SEO factors also play a key role in local search results. The best SEO company in Vancouver, SEO Agency Vancouver mainly focuses on Google algorithms to increase the rankings. Other factors include poorly set up Google My Business page, inconsistent Name-Address-Phone (NAP) number, lack of local directory citations.

Properly optimized website should be the first thing to be done for local SEO. Businesses should have a properly set up Google My Business page. There should be proper listings in quality local directories with consistency in Name, Address and Phone Number as on the website.

Mobilegeddon – The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Mobilegeddon, a mobile-friendly update was launched by Google in 2015. This update makes sure only mobile-friendly websites show up in searches from mobile devices. This is in addition to the requirement of quality and relevant content for the users. This update affects search results in all languages, all over the world. Another important point is that this update affects pages individually, not the whole website.

Making your website mobile-user-friendly is the first thing you should do to survive this update. Responsive design, better page speed on mobile devices will help in making the website mobile-friendly.

More Algorithms

These aren’t all the algorithms created by Google. There are a lot more named and unnamed algorithms used by Google like Pirate, Possum, Fred, Rankbrain and many more. Each of these play different roles in impacting the search results. We will discuss more in detail on these algorithms on the Vancouver SEO Specialist site. While it is true that Google made all these algorithms to make sure their search engine results are free of low-quality websites, we can also see it as something that will make our websites useful for our audience. Please feel free to get in contact with us here at vancoverseoca@gmail.com and we can discuss what we can do for you.

What is black hat SEO and why you should avoid this?

Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as SEO is one of the driving forces of traffic on your website that, in turn, helps your website grow. However, just like everything else in life, there is a code of ethics to be followed. Deviating from them and resorting to unethical means can turn a potentially good thing bad and the same holds true with SEO.

In this post, we will cover what is dishonest SEO, also called ‘Black Hat SEO’ the basic practices and, approaches to maintain a strategic distance from it. As per Wikipedia, “Black Hat SEO pursues those systems of which web indexes don’t favor.” One of the significant reasons site proprietors resort to ‘Black Hat SEO’ is so that their site ranks higher in the search engine results.

What’s more, rather than the site improving its rankings, it ends up accepting a punishment from the search engines affecting rankings for a longer-term.

What’s more, rather than the site improving its rankings, it winds up accepting a punishment from the web crawlers influencing rankings for any long term. For a detailed study, you can visit Vancouver SEO Services. Give us now a chance to take a gander at 5 methods that fall under Black Hat SEO and could unfavorably influence your site should you resort to them:

1.    Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing in basic words implies adding such a large number of keywords to your article, site post or content.

An example of keyword stuffing. Suppose the keyword is ‘WordPress web hosting’ and, this is the paragraph it is used in “WordPress web hosting is the best web hosting for your WordPress website. With WordPress web hosting your WordPress website performs well. WordPress web hosting is the best hosting.”This repetitive usage of the keywords can frustrate the reader as it doesn’t add any value to the text written and can simply be cut down. Although it is true adding keywords to your post or metadata increases the chances of improving your search engine rankings if you practice keyword stuffing your rankings will be affected adversely, as stated above.

2.    Paid Links

Just like internal linking on your website helps search engines rank you better, backlinks also help in the same way. They are one of the easiest ways to know whether your content is doing well on the search engine or not. In any case, untrustworthy methods, for example, purchasing or obtaining links can prompt a weighty punishment from search engines.

Google, for example, has severe principles on this and has restricted this

According to their link scheme guidelines, “Any links planned to control PageRank or a site’s positioning in Google list items might be viewed as a feature of a link scheme and an infringement of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.” Without depending on Black Hat SEO rehearses, you can support your SEO rankings.

 3.   Spam Comments on Blog

Spam comments on blogs are those comments that contain a backlink to the commenter’s website or a product page. At times, if you’re new to blogging you may think what is the harm if the comment talks about the article or is an appreciation post. All things considered, the remarks can at present be considered and may be affirmed as opposed to checking them as spam. In any case, most spam remarks have nothing to do with the article and are simply attempting to get a backlink. Though this practice has reduced to a considerable extent with Google’s algorithm update aimed to reduce
Black Hat SEO practices, as a blog commenter, it is best if you don’t include links in the comments but follow ethical practices of backlinking.

4.    Misusing Structured Data

Structured data is a type of data that makes your content easily searchable on search engines. It is also known as rich snippets. Structured data helps you gain an edge over your competitors by providing credibility.

However, there are times when websites resort to unfair means of gaining popularity by modifying the content of the structured data in such a manner that it passes off as authentic you don’t know how to add structured data, it is best to follow the guidelines provided by Google as it enables your content to be eligible for incorporation in Google search results. Not resorting to Black Hat SEO may seem tedious and a painstaking process when it comes to being discovered by search engines. However, it is beneficial in the long run.

5.   Misleading Redirects

We covered Redirection in detail in one of our earlier posts. In simple words, it means when an individual clicks on a link, they are taken to a different URL instead of the one they intended to visit. When it comes to Black Hat SEO, the intent of redirection is malicious and, they purposely redirect users to one page and the search engine crawlers to another page.

Misleading redirects are only used for increasing their search engine rank. However,
this is a moot point as unethical means can jeopardize the ranking and indexing
of the web pages in the future as it violates search engine guidelines.

Why and How to avoid Black Hat SEO?

Like all things, the easiest route seems far more tempting. However, the repressions are not always favorable. As you have read above, one of the most important reasons Black Hat SEO should be avoided is because it is unethical and can lead to complications for your website as it resorts to violating several search engine guidelines leading to a penalty. If your webpage earns a penalty then recovering the lost rankings is a farfetched dream as you will not only lose your ranking but even your traffic is bound to reduce drastically.

We always recommend that you follow the best practice for SEO like Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC and to help you out. Please feel free to get in contact with us here at vancoverseoca@gmail.com and we can discuss what we can do for you.

Link building, its requirement, and some useful link building strategies

What Is Link Building?

In basic terms, link building is a procedure wherein you secure links on different sites that point to your own.

Most SEO specialists will reveal to you that link building is probably the hardest part of the activity, which isn’t surprising since there’s such a great amount to it. Everybody uses various techniques, yet nobody can disclose to you which one is the best. Obviously, this link building definition sounds basic but the reality is a lot more complicated.

Making excellent links is basically an art, and we are here to show you this so you’ll have the option to locate your own optimal link building strategy, in the end arriving at the point where you’re miles in front of your rivals. So we should start!

Why Link Building required?

Link Building is a procedure which uses to build traffic on your site and to show your site on the top in search engine. Web search tools are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and so on. The search engine will look through the links between the individual pages on your site and then the web search tool will crawl the links between whole other sites.

At the point when Google brings the whole page of the site, it’s called crawling. It is finished by programming called Crawler or Spider. Google’s calculations are unpredictable and continually developing which decides the position of a site. As a rule, the more top-notch sites that connect to you, the more probable you are to rank well in search items. You can examine it here at SEO Companies Vancouver. Wikipedia is the best search engine. It has such a large number of links on each page and the outcome is Wikipedia consistently on top of web search tools.

External link establishment Strategies That Work:

Make good content: The way to getting quality inbound links is having a master level, unique content. Your site will gather backlinks normally after some time if individuals locate your great substance important or illuminating enough to share with other people.

Keep your content fresh: A standard stockpile of new excellent articles or other content can stand out enough to be noticed and assist you with going up against destinations that may have just static stale content. Truth be told, Google trains its raters to search for content that is “included and refreshed after some time” as an indication of a quality site. How might you do this? Posting routinely in a blog, developing an articles segment for your webpage, or including new help pages are on the whole approaches to refresh your substance, reinforce your image, and help build up your site as even more a topic authority.

Promote your content on social media: Social media presence that links on your site doesn’t pass link popularity in most cases. Nevertheless, social media gives you an approach to advance your content and attract traffic to your webpage. The buzz and traffic you produce from social media, particularly on the off chance that you set aside some effort to associate with individuals there, fabricate your group of audience and can net you some beneficial backlinks as people write about your content — also winning your fans and customers!

Link to specialists: Within your very own site, every so often incorporate links to respectable sites and topic specialists in your field. Do this principally for your users’ advantage, to give them related assets about the subject on that page. Connecting to realized specialists legitimizes your site in the web search tools’ eyes, as well.

Utilize customary PR: Press release links can never again pass PageRank directly to your site securely, as they once could. In any case, you can utilize public statements to seed thoughts that you trust a news source will get. On the off chance that a writer expounds on your news, that article will probably have a top-notch interface indicating the first source — your site. For this conventional PR procedure, news that is non-special and intriguing to numerous individuals works best.

As the above-explained strategies work for the visibility of your website. You can also get more information from Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC about link building with new strategies. Please feel free to get in contact with us here at vancoverseoca@gmail.com and we can discuss what we can do for you.

What is SEO audit and Why do you need this for your website?

What is SEO audit?

Any audit, financial, efficiency or SEO is an organized tool you can run over and over to uncover the present condition of your business or association. An SEO audit measures a significant part of your site’s prosperity for natural search results. Significant key performance pointers an SEO audit utilizes score on-page, off-page factors and looks at your site to your competition. We provide the best SEO services at Vancouver’s best SEO company in Vancouver.

Putting resources into improving these things ought to win better rankings after some time. At the point when we bring another client, we run a full SEO audit. Every week we have automated tools set up to give us some quick view of progress and weaknesses. Depends upon the site we will play out a full review each quarter. Other than the site’s technical health, we are searching for copy quality, media use, and target keywords. We do need to recognize what the competition is doing, particularly missing content and backlink chances.

Why is an SEO audit important?

Auditing your website for SEO is important for many reasons, even if in the past you have audited and completed technical SEO fixes, it is important to revisit every 6 months make sure to maintain a great technical SEO score.

 Aside from your technical SEO, an SEO audit also performs the following:

  • It helps you to realize your true ranking for keywords in your field.
  • Shows you where you rank with competitors in terms of SEO score.
  • It offers you the ability to pinpoint any changes that need to be made, and how to go about changing them.
  • Highlights weaknesses within your site and allows you to fix them.
  • It can help you set realistic expectations on how your website will perform in the future.

What Does A Good SEO Audit Include?

A web SEO audit is not a small process. Properly done, it can take several days if you have a larger website, but on average, it spends approximately 2-3 days running an audit on an average-sized business website.

Why do you ask? Well, because we Vancouver SEO Services care about finding all the issues and offering simple and easy to use directions on how to improve your web presence. We run an in-depth manual review of your website as well as generating several reports to retrieve a variety of data which we can then be further analyzed by our experts and convert into a complete and easy-to-understand interactive report that you can view online, or download anytime.

Our hands-on approach and immersion into data from various sources give you the best chance of improving your online business.

SEO-Audit includes the following steps:

  • Technical Audit – making sure your site is well-coded, functions well, and runs fast.
  • On-site Audit – full review and analysis of all pages for proper keyword use in all pertinent areas (H1-H6 tags, Title Tags, Duplicate Content, etc).
  • Off-site Audit – analysis of backlinks, anchor text, and authority & trust.
  • Social Audit – review current mentions and visibility on social media and other platforms.

All in all, we provide a detailed analysis of every item that is affecting your website.

Running an SEO audit will help you identify quick fixes like technical SEO as well and longer-term SEO strategies like content marketing or inbound marketing.

If you are struggling to reach the first few pages for the search terms important to your business or keep asking yourself the question, why are my competitors getting more traffic? Then that is a sure-fire sign you need to be running an SEO audit. For this, you can visit Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC. Get in contact with us here at vancoverseoca@gmail.com and we can discuss what we can do for you.

What are the keywords and the importance of keywords research in SEO?

Keywords are special words that the users use to search on the search engine to find some information.

For example, if you are looking for SEO services in Vancouver, you will type ‘Vancouver SEO Services’ and search results will pop up. While some popular keywords may get thousands of searches every day, others may not be that popular. Keywords are very important for every business and website as they help to pull in the traffic in their favor and that too for free of cost.

Keywords hold the power to raise your business if it is done right. There are many tools available to choose keywords with high ranking like Wordtracker and Google Keyword Research platform, etc.

Types of keywords:

Some of the most common types of keywords are listed below:

  • Product terms – These keywords are related to the products or services you offer. So the keywords should be according to them.
  • Brand terms – Brand terms are the kind of keywords that produce the best conversion rate since they are words related to your brand. They are used by those who already know about your business or brand.
  • Substitute product terms – These terms, like competitor terms, are expensive to bid upon but work well since they are the words or terms that someone may search rather than your product name or terms.
  • Audience terms – In this category, the keywords that belong to the user’s need come.
  • Complementary product terms – These are the terms that go well with your product, for example, if you sell pencils, the complementary product terms could be ‘pencil stands’.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is defined as the process of finding out the exact search terms web users enter into the search field of search engines when looking for information. This practice is mainly used by Search Engine Optimization or SEO professionals to get better rankings on search engines. Online marketing is concerned, keyword research is the most valuable thing to perform. By thorough researching and correctly using keywords in-demand your business’s sales could skyrocket like never before.

Keyword research is about getting as many visitors to your website as possible, but it is also about getting the right kinds of visitors. If done smartly, this process can help you fathom the market demand, a shift in choices and product preferences, etc. You can thus accordingly respond to these preferences and provide consumers with what they are looking for. It won’t be wrong to state that Keyword Research is the easiest method of understanding the preferences of consumers in any field.

How Often Should You Do Keyword Research?

Keyword research is not a one-time task. Keywords are the primary building blocks of your website content. And they require periodic evaluation and maintenance. The way search engines work changes constantly. Keywords are also changed according to the user’s needs. So, we should do keyword research daily. This includes times when you are starting a new website, revamping an old website, launching a new product, or simply writing a new blog post. You need to regularly assess the terms people use to search if you want to continue creating content that your audience will love and share.

How to Successfully Conduct Keyword Research for SEO?

Now, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to conduct keyword research for SEO.

1. Make a List of Relevant Topics to Target

To begin the keyword research process, think about the need of users first. Narrow down your list to 5-10 generic topics that you want to rank well for.

Once you have 5-10 topics that are important for your business, it becomes very easy to come up with specific keywords relevant to those topics. In fact, if your business maintains an active blog, you are probably already creating content on these topics. you might even speak about these topics every time you explain your product to a potential customer. For example, let’s say you have an agency that helps companies plan their digital marketing strategies, your topic bucket may look like:

  • Digital marketing company
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Digital marketing services
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid marketing

Once you have a list of potential topics, you should check out their search volumes to figure out which topics to invest in and there is SEO Companies Vancouver to help you with it.

2. Find Seed Keywords for These Topics

Now that you have identified the most relevant topics, it is time to find seed keywords that fall into those topics.

Seed keywords are, basically, the baseline keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your business. Your list of seed keywords will provide the foundation for your entire keyword research. Once you have a list of topics you want to target, it is extremely easy to come up with relevant seed keywords. You just need to brainstorm how you would search for those topics and for your products/services online.

For instance, if you’re looking for “digital marketing services,” you can go to SEO Agency Vancouver.

In this step, you are not making your final list of keywords. Instead, you are making a list of potential phrases that your target customers may use to find your business and your products or services.

You need to narrow down this list to find something concrete. You can then use data-driven tools to find out the search volumes and competition for each keyword. This will help you analyze which keywords you should target first to rank well in the SERPs. A great way to find keywords is to go the opposite way. Instead of researching keywords that can help you drive traffic to your website, you should study your traffic sources. This will help you find a list of keywords that your website is already ranking for.

There are many web analytics tools such as Google Analytics that can help you with this. Use their data to identify the keywords that are driving the maximum amount of traffic to your website.

3. Related Search Terms Can Be Keywords Too:

This is something you come across every day but probably haven’t paid much attention to. You might have seen “searches related to keyword” at the bottom of a Google search results page. Every time you enter a search term on Google, the search engine lists other search phrases related to your search term. These related search phrases can give you ideas for other keywords.

We at Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC focuses on increasing the visibility of your website and choosing the right keywords with the help of professionals. Get in touch with us here vancouverseocompany.net@gmail.com

What is content marketing and its role in search engine optimization?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves all type of activities that focuses on creating and sharing information like blog post, social media posts, core content, and images. It is the process of promoting your content to the audience.

Suppose you have opened a new food shop. You will optimize local SEO so that food lovers could find your shop. Use content marketing to promote your shop by sharing some content like images through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also publish blogs providing some specific information about your shop.

People will need to share important content since it’s funny, interesting, newsworthy or powerful. So attempt to make something extraordinary regardless of copying it from anywhere else. Also, by telling your personal experience so that the users can relate to it and can better understand your content.

Website design also makes an impact on traffic. If the design of your website is attractive then users will stay on your site and Google will also deem your website as more relevant. If you choose facebook and Instagram to share your images and content then you will start getting the relevant traffic.

What is the goal of content marketing?

For effective content marketing, you ought to make great and engaging content for your visitors. The formation of excellent content refers to whatever can be of an incentive to the client; regardless of whether that is entertaining, informative or useful.

The main goal of content marketing is to attract the audience toward your business. You can do this by utilizing a call to action on the website, which can help convince your group of audience.

You can take help from Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC that encourages you to know the significance of substance showcasing with the assistance of their experts.

For instance, in the event that you work a yoga studio and you’re hoping to increase new customers you could compose a blog entry about tips on what to do during your first yoga class. At that point, when individuals go to your site to peruse the post, you can offer them a markdown on their top of the line. You pull in them to your site with content they discover important, and afterward, use it as a chance to get them into your business pipe.

Can it be any type of content?

The content could be as photographs, videos, blogs, infographics, and so forth. For whatever length of time that the content gives a type of significant worth and draws in your group of users, at that point, it doesn’t generally make a difference what type you pick.

You should devise your social media strategy to guarantee the most extreme commitment to the content that you share. Curating your Instagram feed and using great content is the way to building a community and create leads and sales through Instagram. In case you’re concentrating your endeavors on spreading content on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you may modify the sort of substance so as to meet the interests of the audience.

Why does content marketing help SEO?

1. Literary content is a key component of SEO. Google crawls the site and content and then give rankings according to that.

Powerful content marketing includes composing quality copy that is identified with the terms your audience is looking for. In this way, the more blog entries you compose that have a keyword focus, the almost certain your site will begin driving in expanded natural rush hour gridlock. The key is to ensure that your substance is pertinent to the catchphrase however maintains a strategic distance from terrible SEO rehearses like keyword stuffing. Compose normally with the help of Vancouver SEO Services and include quality, high-esteem data.

2. Content gives the premise to keyword optimization. It enables you to optimize keywords all through the relevant pages on your site. When making content, try to implement a keyword phrase. Google has improved search accuracy by composing algorithms to comprehend the searcher’s aim and the logical significance of terms.

So that you should look at the related phrases that are searched by the audience.

3. After you start building quality content and advertising it accurately, your rankings can see a positive outcome. New visitors to your site because of content promoting are potential purchasers. In this way, expanding traffic to the site, it can likewise build your leads/sales.

4. Each new bit of content you make on your site is another page that Google can list. Although content alone won’t expand your traffic, it offers the chance to target new and various expressions that may draw in potential clients.

5. Important content expands your position. On the off chance that your substance is excellent, it is probably going to pull in more connections and offers all through social media and different sites. Significant content will likewise impact a good user experience, and the measurements will give Google positive ranking signals.


Content marketing and SEO work together. The keywords research is wasted if we do not use them in the content. We at SEO Companies Vancouver provide you the healthy balance of both that will be the key to success. You can directly contact us at vancoverseoca@gmail.com.

Types of SEO That Every Business Owner Should Know

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Everybody currently understands the intensity of SEO. It is the absolute most thing that encourages your business to serve online.

In the online business, you need site search engine optimization to remain visible and register your quality in the mind of online users. A decent search engine optimization service by a standout amongst other Search Engine Optimization Company, you can soar your online business by boosting your site’s rankings. Then again, a bad SEO service can accomplish more damage than anything else to your online business’ validity, in any event, bringing down your site positioning in SERP.

On the off chance that a business wishes to grow its worldwide nearness in the present focused world, at that point they have to enlist an expert SEO organization. Before employing an SEO organization ensure you realize what sorts of SEO administrations they are giving. There are both natural, non-natural, paid SEO procedures that SEO organizations are offering to their customers.

You have to pick a Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC that is available to discuss all that you have to think about their site improvement administration. On the off chance that the organization is an expert, they would glad to address every one of your inquiries.

Since the majority of the alleged master SEO organizations utilize obscure SEO procedures to rank a site that can prompt your site a Google Penalty.

Sorts of SEO Every Business Owner Needs to Know

There are at present 3 sorts of SEO strategies and how they will affect your business in the short and since quite a while ago run.

1. White Hat SEO

It is one of the most mainstream and broadly pursued SEO procedures, White Hat SEO includes utilizing successful strategies and techniques that follow the protocol and rules characterized by the search engines.

In fact, it is the organic accomplishing higher web index positioning which takes a brief period however gives you long haul and unfaltering

A portion of the mainstream white cap SEO methods are content advancement with important watchword arrangement, HTML improvement, external link establishment, webpage route, meta label streamlining, site enhancement, and so on.

2. Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO resembles a run – you can’t go away with it. These kinds of SEO strategies are not in accordance with search engine guidelines especially Google.

Truth be told, Black hat SEO strategies take focal points of the shortcoming and escape clauses in the algorithms of the search engines to get speedy,  short-term.

A portion of these black hat SEO strategies are keyword stuffing, interface spamming, copy content, shrouding, concealed content, doorway pages and so on.

3. Grey Hat SEO

This kind of SEO services include a mix of both white hat and dark hat SEO methods to secure focused on objectives. A few organizations still use them in light of weight by customers to get fast results while others make it a propensity to remain simply under the radar to not go too far from web search tool rules.

Presently, you think pretty much all the 3 sorts of SEO procedures and how they can affect your business on the off chance that you wish to accomplish enduring, long term natural outcomes then you have to go in for white SEO.

In the event that you are searching for snappy, momentary high website page rankings at that point dark cap SEO methods will work best for you. For more data, you can look for SEO Specialist Vancouver.

Moreover, in the event that you wish to adhere to the principles, yet need a fast poke the correct way, at that point dim cap SEO systems are your most solid option.

Be that as it may, our recommendation to you is consistently to pursue the white cap SEO methods as it would guarantee long haul high web index rankings without breaking any rules.

To put it plainly, it won’t do your business any mischief over the long term and will just help support its SE (Search Engine) rankings.

In any case, every one of these sorts of SEO methods will work for you just in the event that you contract an expert and experienced Digital promoting organization that comprehends SEO rules in and out.

Other SEO firms may guarantee you snappy results however you can’t be certain on the off chance that they are seeking after great or black SEO strategies. What more they may wind up blacklisting your business on search engines.

SEO Specialist Vancouver is one of the best digital marketing agency in Vancouver that can help you boost your business’s search engine rankings with organic strategies. If you want to contact us personally you can send mail at vancoverseoca@gmail.com.

Why SEO Training is Important for you and your employees?

Have you ever wondered why companies that are in marketing and advertisement spend billions on SEO training and seminars, conjoining the knowledge of their employees with experts around the globe? It’s because these things matter for the success of their company, and owners of these major companies know that SEO is everything when it comes to creating web content and hoping for the best. This is why we SEO Agency Vancouver have decided to show you exactly how important is SEO training for you and your employees. Here are some of the basic advantages of organizing an SEO training for your employees and coworkers.

Better Content

You’ll end up having better content on your website that you’re promoting or on that which your clients have ordered. Your entire team will know where you’ve made mistakes in the past and they will strive towards changing those flaws in routine in the future. Ultimately, by learning how to create better content with their newly found SEO skills, they will contribute with their work to making even more sales and gaining even more traffic. Conversion rate is important for those in business strictly defined by the need of the audience. You can’t earn if all you have is traffic and it doesn’t serve you better than piling up the numbers of individuals that have entered your domain. These numbers include those that haven’t even read your posts or see your services. They were most likely dragged there by a clickbait or any other type of audience luring technique.

Higher Ranked Status

Your content will be ranked higher or at least you will experience higher ranking on some of your web content only because you’ve conducted training and your team is well informed on what to do. By following precise instructions and implementing some of the best search engine optimization technique they will greatly contribute to higher-ranked domains and websites in your belonging. They’ll even attract bloggers of similar status and open doors to collaboration with higher-tier clients. This means more fame and glory to your work and a naturally better financial situation for everyone within our company.

Going Through the Basics Again

Even if your team is already well informed on popular SEO strategies that might be implemented to increase the success of affiliate business projects or projects in other types of businesses, it doesn’t hurt to go through the basics again. They’ll refresh their memories on important rules and find out that they have missed something. Even if they haven’t missed a thing and know everything there is to know about SEO nowadays it might help them understand it differently allowing you to change strategies and approach to SEO. Being that no one knows for sure how search engine algorithms work and what makes a perfect website in a particular niche, you shouldn’t waste any chance to figure it out or at least get fresh ideas on how SEO works.

Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC provides professional Search Engine Optimization SEO training in Vancouver. We treat your SEO like we want ours to be treated, with the most professional, advanced services. Please contact vancoverseoca@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding the possibilities for the growth of your business.