What is competitor analysis and how it impacts SEO?

Competitor analysis is the process of knowing what your competitors are doing for their popularity. By that, you are able to use their weaknesses in your favor. There are many competitors in business today and thus, it is important to stay informed about the different competition analysis modes available. The organizations just go to keyword mapping, link building and optimizing content without knowing that competitor analysis would do equally good for their SEO. Therefore, if you want to win in the market, you have to acknowledge that you have competitors. As such, competitor analysis should never be missed. Competitive analysis will give you the best results about the popularity of other sites. There is the importance of competitor analysis discussed below.


The first importance of competitor analysis in SEO is that it enables you to identify who your main competitors in the market are. With that, you can be able to do more analysis to gauge their standing in the market. So that you should find both your business competitors as well as online competitors. You can get help from the Best SEO experts that are at Vancouver SEO Services.


A competitor analysis helps you identify the websites that your competitors are linked to but not you. As a result, you are able to build your own link profile by adding links from websites that are already linked to your competitors. Also, you need to note that sites that link to multiple competitors will add more value to your site. Therefore, you should pay special attention to these sites by both reaching out to them and creating guest posts.


You can conduct a keyword gap analysis to determine the kind of keywords that you are lacking but are working best for your competitors. Keywords are very important is SEO and if you find that there are specific keywords that are ranking high for your competitors but you are not using them, it is advisable to include them on your site. You can use several methods to achieve this including reorganizing site architecture, reworking metadata, building links with keywords, rewriting existing content to include keywords or working on fresh content for your site.


Digital marketing is a complex process that involves a lot of actions and planning. In this process, you not only need to do SEO but also launch digital marketing campaigns that work for your individual project. The good thing is that competitor analysis enhances your digital marketing as it helps in creating complex campaigns based on the available data and the demand in the market. Therefore, it is important to dig deep into your industry so that you can know what your competitors are up to. This, however, is only possible through a thorough competitor analysis.

The analysis keeps you in the know:

When you have information about what your competitors are doing, you are in a better position to plan your strategies. Therefore, competitor analysis acts as a credible source of information that can help you improve your digital marketing strategies.

Lets you compare SEO experts:

Many people prefer SEO experts to work on their websites. This is because SEO experts have the knowledge and experience to handle SEO projects like Vancouver SEO Specialist. By looking at your competitor’s website, you are able to tell whether your SEO expert is on the right track or not.

learn about your brand mention:

Brand mention is very important in any business. This is because; as your brand gets more mentions, your products and services become more popular. So doing a competitor analysis is going to help you learn what other people are thinking about your brand. From what you find, you can be able to improvise on your goods and services so as to attract more people into your company. That way, you will get to not only grow your business but also increase revenue.

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What is bounce rate? and some ways to improve it

The bounce rate of a website is the measurement of the clicks done by users on the menu tabs, CTA buttons or any other clickable part but not going to any other page and leaving the website. Generally, it impacts negatively on your website. The higher the bounce rate, the less effective is your website. The easiest way to decrease the bounce rate is Vancouver Best SEO that is the best SEO company in Vancouver, and that’s precisely what a trustworthy SEO company would do.

High Bounce Rates:

A high bounce rate helps you to understand the behavior of users towards your website. The high bounce rate is a bad thing for your site. It shows that users are visiting and not finding any helpful material for them and goes back. This will down your rankings. There could be many reasons for having high bounce rates like:

  1. Users are not able to find any helpful content for them.
  2. The content is not understandable for them.
  3. If the services provided by you is not described properly.

The number of visitors depends upon the purpose of your site. If you are providing the services that are in trend or according to the user’s expectations then the user will stay on your page otherwise they will just leave.

How to Improve Your Site’s Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate of a site can be improved in many ways. Here are some ways described below:

Improve User Experience:

Sites that are having difficult content if left by the visitors immediately because they do not understand about your services. For your help, Vancouver SEO Specialist is there. You can improve user experience by making the text easy and readable. The more you use an easy language to understand, the more you will get a user’s attention.
A user-friendly website will be more attractive for the user and they will spend more time on it that will reduce the bounce rate.

Optimize Keywords to Be More Targeted for Pages & Customers:

Make a good keyword strategy so that the right audience will target the right pages. If your site is having badly stuffed keywords or wrong keywords then you might be reaching the wrong audience. Keyword research is very important for increasing the visibility of your website and decreasing the bounce rate.

Add Images:

The more you use images, videos, and files to your site, the more attractive will be your content. Users always like to see some interesting content so if you have posted images then you will get more user’s attention and they will stay more on your website. This will improve your site’s bounce rate.

Mobile Optimization:

Mobile optimization is really important so that more and more users can connect to your website. Your website should be mobile responsive and look attractive while opening it on a mobile phone. Most of the people visit websites from smart devices today so it has become necessary to make a website good enough that it runs perfectly on your mobile device. To get help you can visit SEO Agency Vancouver.

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How to drive more traffic to your youtube videos through SEO?

Video content is consistently developing particularly in online media. YouTube is one of the sites at the front line of this development. Things being what they are, how can one implement SEO for their YouTube channel?

YouTube is a valuable tool for a variety of purposes. You can make video logs, entertaining shows or simply show off a new product or service. It is a free platform to post your content so you will not lose anything but only time. One of the best youtube SEO services in Vancouver is given by Vancouver SEO Services company. There are many SEO optimization tips to help your videos rank better in the search results.

Create Catchy Titles:

With your keywords all set, you have to create an attractive title. Go through the keyword front and make it intently reflect the content however much as could be expected.

Let us take an example of two same keywords like “Search engine optimization” and “Search Engine Optimization: best way of digital marketing”. The first one is not that attractive like the second one as it is having a little described content.  The user will get an idea from this that what you want to show in your video.

Write Detailed Video Descriptions:

Youtube is getting popularity day by day as 1.5 billion are its monthly users. All you need to do is to write an attractive description of your videos. The description should not be too long. The first 18 to 20 words ar shown when users search for content. So you have to be more careful while writing these starting lines. These lines are the main thing to grab the user’s attention.

There should be all the information about the video but not so long and easy to read. Only this way, you will be able to gain a user’s attention.

 Make Use of the Tags:

Tags are the most helpful way to let youtube know what your content is about. Many experts are having different views on the best method for this. Some of the experts think that a long-phrase is good and others say that some profound words are better But the main thing is that it should match with the content.

The first step is to use your main keyword as if you are discussing something about digital marketing then it should be the first tag. Also, there are many online tools available to help you in selecting a good keyword for your content.

 Find the Correct Video Length for Your Channel:

Youtube keeps its focus on the length of content provided by you. It is seen that the long length videos are more ranked in the search results. 

If you are not able to make long video content then you can add some additional information in the video to make it long like if you are making a video in the installation of the WordPress theme then you can show your favorite theme and explain why you like them and so on.

Constantly Share and Embed New Videos:

The sharing of youtube videos on different platforms is very important. When you post a new youtube video there is a direct link to share it on the social sites. By doing this,  you will get more users. It will give ease to the users to find your youtube channel.

Embedding and sharing your youtube link on different sites is beneficial that it puts your link in front of the people that may not visit youtube everyday. If a particular video is played, even from a small blog, it counts as a view according to YouTube, which improves its ranking in search results.

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Some of the benefits of using Facebook to promote your business

Facebook has gotten one of the top social media platforms nowadays and there are various focal points related to it. Vancouver SEO Services explains the best of facebook services that impacts the promotion of your business. Not exclusively can individuals use it by and by for interfacing with loved ones, however, it has likewise ended up being a convenient tool for advancing and promoting a business. One fact that is known by each entrepreneur is that promoting techniques of a business can hugely affect its development and achievement. It is essential for business owners to promote their services if they wish to attract customers. Here, Facebook can be incredibly helpful. While having a business page on Facebook is fundamentally the same as owning a site, there are some significant advantages that no one but Facebook can give.

Listed below is a portion of the benefits of Facebook for expanding the benefit and development of the business, which can’t be missed:

• This marketing technique is low cost. A business can join on Facebook for nothing and for a little new company this is truly helpful as they don’t have the money so far to pay for a site. Advertising is hugely significant for each business. The SEO Specialist Vancouver believes that the items and services should be promoted on the right avenue, so as to best promote a business. Facebook isn’t simply free, however, it additionally gives access to a huge number of target group of audience that can be changed into potential customers.

• Facebook can be used for sharing data identifying with the business. History, product details, and business purposes will be given on the page and this will draw Facebook users.

• Users can be intelligent on Facebook. Sharing photographs and videos concerning the business turns out to be very simple on this social media platform. A site is a little expert and proprietors think that it’s hard to customize them. In any case, a Facebook business page is much the same as your own account and no tech aptitude is required for modifying and customizing it.

• This social network enables a business to speak with existing and planned customers. Customers can directly contact the business on their Facebook page, which gives an individual touch when contrasted with a mechanized business email.

• Providing customer care is likewise simple through Facebook. The business can react rapidly to questions and resolve issues quicker too. This builds the degree of fulfillment of the customers and can help in developing personal relationships with them, promoting brand loyalty.

• User traffic to a site can also be expanded. This is finished by adding a connection to the site on the Facebook page, and furthermore by posting interesting content from the site to the Facebook page, so your fans can click the link and read the full post on site. Customers will get the essential data from the Facebook page and afterward visit the site to make their purchases etc.

• Awareness can likewise be raised with the help of Facebook likes. Loving and sharing are excellent tools for business in achieving multi-level marketing. This implies once the page is enjoyed, individuals will get refreshes made by the business and even their companions will have the option to see them and get directed towards the page.

Connect with us to get the best SEO company in Vancouver, the Vancouver best SEO ensure your business popularity on Facebook. Please feel free to get in contact with us here at vancouverseocompany.net@gmail.com  and we can discuss what we can do for you.

Importance of analytics in SEO and digital marketing

It gives you the fundamental details, for example, what number of customers are visiting your site on a specific day or week or a particular time period. You can also compare the outcomes and your past outcomes so as to analyze the development rate of your site and change your procedures as needs be. Taking a gander at these numbers at first is helpful however it isn’t sufficient.

Significance of Analytics in SEO and Internet marketing:

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner, webmaster of a corporate website, website admin of a corporate site, a web advertiser or only an easygoing blogger, analytics is something that ought to be front of the brain. Investigation is viewed as the foundation of all search engine optimization(SEO) Vancouver endeavors and showcasing system as it helps in estimating the deals and the traffic of your webpage and helps in deciding the success or failure level.

Estimating the responsiveness of the clients is significant so as to know how the guests react when they visit your site and measure the outcomes. The Vancouver SEO Specialist is well known for help in these matters. Through analytics, the owner can gather, measure, and understand the user activities on their website and recognize where they have to improve so as to accomplish their set objectives.

Fundamental information:

It gives you the fundamental details, for example, what number of visitors are visiting your site on a specific day or week or a particular timeframe. You can likewise contrast the outcomes and your past outcomes so as to compare the development rate of your site and alter your strategies accordingly. Taking a gander at these numbers at first is valuable but it is not sufficient.

Capability to measure the traffic:

Analytics has the ability to quantify the focused on traffic visiting your site. It causes you in deciding the sources from where this traffic is visiting your site and focus on those regions so as to draw in more potential guests. With analytics, you can likewise measure the click-through-rate(CTR) for your webpage and change the current rate for your site.

Surveying the page popularity:

Using analytics you can discover which page from your site is pulling in the best number of visitors and what keywords and referral sources are used by the visitors so as to arrive at your page and analyze the fame of the page. When you break down these things you can execute the methods on different pages of your site and increase positive outcomes.

Surface keywords:

It furnishes you with a list of the keywords that are used by the visitors to arrive at your site. You can take a gander at the most prevalent catchphrases and dissect whether you are utilizing them to focus on the traffic. In the event that you are not utilizing them, at that point, you can utilize the keywords on the highest priority on the rundown by making your content relevant to it.

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Some of the SEO mistakes that everyone should avoid

Search engine optimization is probably the most ideal approaches to get traffic to your site. Understanding SEO and the significance of having an SEO methodology are crucial to any business, and especially so for lodging businesses that sell most of their rooms online. Keep away from these regular mix-ups in your general SEO approach and you will be well on your approach to getting noticed!

Overuse of Keywords in Your Content

It’s difficult to overstate how significant keywords are to your SEO efforts. There are numerous keyword procedures out there – yet not every one of them is similarly effective.

One common mistake is known as ‘keyword stuffing’:

This is the point at which at least one objective keywords are used over and again all through your content, so as to attempt to verify high rankings for significant inquiries. However, doing this will really cause more damage than anything else.

This is because Google prioritizes quality above everything else. Keywords are just viable in boosting your SEO when they are relevant, used in context, and spread out normally all through your content. Keyword stuffing is probably going to show up as ‘spammy’ to Google’s bots, and drive your pages down in the rankings as opposed to up.

It’s fine to use keywords, obviously. You’ll simply need to be cautious and possibly incorporate them when they’re relevant. They should likewise fit pleasantly into your substance. In the event that you read a bit of composing back, and it’s undeniable which keyword you’re attempting to rank for, you’ve likely included it too many times. Rather, it’s brilliant to concentrate your endeavors on targeting fewer, higher-quality keywords.

Overlooking Site Speed

Some SEO specialists ignore site speed as a positioning signal, trusting it doesn’t influence their site’s search rankings. All the main web search tools right now use website speed a ranking signal, and the inability to furnish visitors with quick load times could hurt your webpage’s rankings. I personally prefer SEO Agency Vancouver to think about progressively about this. The SEO services experts additionally prescribe website admins track the number of pages they have recorded in the indexed lists and the keywords for which those pages rank.

Paying for Links

Google’s Penguin update additionally started focusing on sites that pay for backlinks. Since this is a type of rankings control, it can hurt your rankings. To prevent this from occurring, never pay for links.

Bad Links

There are two sorts of awful links: broken links (onsite) and offensive backlinks (coming from other sites).

We should discuss broken links first.

At the point when somebody navigates to your site and terrains on a “404 Error Page,” it doesn’t build trust. In the event that anything, broken links convey that your site isn’t kept up and does not worth visiting once more. That is something opposite to great SEO, pushing traffic away as opposed to keeping it on your site. Then again, building the correct links and giving extra data to your visitors can create more traffic. So keep up your site. Fix broken links right away. That is an easy decision.

Now for backlinks.

Since Google is focused on furnishing clients with the best results in searches, your site ought to never be related to low-quality sites. Backlinks are an association, maybe, between your site and the locales connecting to it. So when those connections originate from low-quality sites, you’re revealing to Google that you’re conceivably as low-quality as they may be. That is the reason purchasing links is never a smart thought. It resembles a neon sign reporting low-quality links, and once the search engine recognizes it, your site could be prohibited and all your SEO efforts lost.

Fail to Optimize for Local Search

Does your business serve customers inside a specific region, for example, your home city? For this situation, it is a must to focus on local search.

Using region-specific keywords, directory listings, and an emphasis on positive reviews, you can successfully arrive at clients in your area.

What Now?

Now that you understand the consequences of these five SEO mistakes, it’s time to review your website. If you need help, partner with experts like Vancouver SEO Specialist who will ensure that your business’s website can be found by your customers.

Please feel free to get in contact with us here at vancoverseoca@gmail.com and we can discuss what we can do for you.

What is Digital Marketing and the Importance of digital marketing in business?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way to grow your business online. You can use different strategies to promote your business for brand awareness and development.

Online Marketing is highly beneficial for small businesses in different manners. There are numerous advantages of digital marketing in Vancouver. Which are profoundly valuable for small businesses. If you are someone who is not convinced whether to go digital or not.  Here, I am examining the advantages of digital marketing which is gainful for small businesses:


The significance of digital marketing for business lies in the choice to choose your strategy for marketing according to your spending limit and contact a more extensive crowd at a lesser expense. Indeed, even 10 years back getting your item marketed was a challenge. The majority of the costly models were simply out of their scope and they needed to fall back on little level strategies where the assurance of progress was close to negligible.

The digital methods of marketing are adjustable and subsequently a lot less expensive.


The organizations that are utilizing on the web as the favored method of marketing can quantify the conversion rate through real-time using a simple method. That is recognizing the level of watchers who get changed over into leads and afterward supporters and at last, obtaining the administration or item. SEO, Social media marketing and Email marketing are methods which have a high conversion rate as they are able to generate a snappy and effective communication channel with the consumer. SEO agency Vancouver performs better in these fields. Shockingly all the traffic that you may jump on your site may not be productive hence digital marketing gives you a chance to connect with just the individuals who have the requirement for your sort of administration thus offering better lead conversions.


For any business to endure the one thing that they truly need to work upon is building up a reputation that is perfect. In the previous years, it has become apparent that clients will consistently incline toward an organization that doesn’t have any embarrassments related to it. Significance of Digital marketing today lies in offering you numerous approaches to build up an individual compatibility with your client base. Be it email promoting or online life you can generally offer the client answers for their issues and cause them to identify with your item by giving live visits get to.


After Google mobile-first about practically every one of the sites nowadays are made in a way that they are effectively distinguishable on the portable too. This is on the grounds that practically all clients approach a cell phone and a large portion of them even search for items on the equivalent. In numerous occurrences, clients have changed their buy plan and grabbed an item from an alternate brand since they were persuaded that the new item has a much better functionality.


The presence of your brand and service on various stages gives the choice to clients to rate your administrations according to their degree of experience. A positive and great survey left by a fulfilled client makes the new ones quickly convert. Nowadays reaching the online networking page of a brand for issue goals and different issues is a typical activity. This, thusly, prompts the structure up of a solid picture of the brand in the psyches of the new purchasers consequently leading to more conversions.


A private company needs to set aside on its assets before it, at last, goes into the green zone and starts making benefits. Digital marketing gives you the degree to connect with numerous clients simultaneously and that too inside your spending limit. You can design your marketing procedure to such an extent that you just use modes that lie in your spending limit. On the off chance that there is a craving not to expand the spending limit, at that point you can generally target specialty crowds who you know would like and welcome the idea of your advertising. There is a site that gives reasonable administrations in these fields that is Vancouver SEO Consultant.

Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC helps you to learn about small business and digital marketing impact on your business. The money or the effort you invest in digital marketing, you will get the long term result for your business.

What is black hat SEO and why you should avoid this?

Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as SEO is one of the driving forces of traffic on your website that, in turn, helps your website grow. However, just like everything else in life, there is a code of ethics to be followed. Deviating from them and resorting to unethical means can turn a potentially good thing bad and the same holds true with SEO.

In this post, we will cover what is dishonest SEO, also called ‘Black Hat SEO’ the basic practices and, approaches to maintain a strategic distance from it. As per Wikipedia, “Black Hat SEO pursues those systems of which web indexes don’t favor.” One of the significant reasons site proprietors resort to ‘Black Hat SEO’ is so that their site ranks higher in the search engine results.

What’s more, rather than the site improving its rankings, it ends up accepting a punishment from the search engines affecting rankings for a longer-term.

What’s more, rather than the site improving its rankings, it winds up accepting a punishment from the web crawlers influencing rankings for any long term. For a detailed study, you can visit Vancouver SEO Services. Give us now a chance to take a gander at 5 methods that fall under Black Hat SEO and could unfavorably influence your site should you resort to them:

1.    Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing in basic words implies adding such a large number of keywords to your article, site post or content.

An example of keyword stuffing. Suppose the keyword is ‘WordPress web hosting’ and, this is the paragraph it is used in “WordPress web hosting is the best web hosting for your WordPress website. With WordPress web hosting your WordPress website performs well. WordPress web hosting is the best hosting.”This repetitive usage of the keywords can frustrate the reader as it doesn’t add any value to the text written and can simply be cut down. Although it is true adding keywords to your post or metadata increases the chances of improving your search engine rankings if you practice keyword stuffing your rankings will be affected adversely, as stated above.

2.    Paid Links

Just like internal linking on your website helps search engines rank you better, backlinks also help in the same way. They are one of the easiest ways to know whether your content is doing well on the search engine or not. In any case, untrustworthy methods, for example, purchasing or obtaining links can prompt a weighty punishment from search engines.

Google, for example, has severe principles on this and has restricted this

According to their link scheme guidelines, “Any links planned to control PageRank or a site’s positioning in Google list items might be viewed as a feature of a link scheme and an infringement of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.” Without depending on Black Hat SEO rehearses, you can support your SEO rankings.

 3.   Spam Comments on Blog

Spam comments on blogs are those comments that contain a backlink to the commenter’s website or a product page. At times, if you’re new to blogging you may think what is the harm if the comment talks about the article or is an appreciation post. All things considered, the remarks can at present be considered and may be affirmed as opposed to checking them as spam. In any case, most spam remarks have nothing to do with the article and are simply attempting to get a backlink. Though this practice has reduced to a considerable extent with Google’s algorithm update aimed to reduce
Black Hat SEO practices, as a blog commenter, it is best if you don’t include links in the comments but follow ethical practices of backlinking.

4.    Misusing Structured Data

Structured data is a type of data that makes your content easily searchable on search engines. It is also known as rich snippets. Structured data helps you gain an edge over your competitors by providing credibility.

However, there are times when websites resort to unfair means of gaining popularity by modifying the content of the structured data in such a manner that it passes off as authentic you don’t know how to add structured data, it is best to follow the guidelines provided by Google as it enables your content to be eligible for incorporation in Google search results. Not resorting to Black Hat SEO may seem tedious and a painstaking process when it comes to being discovered by search engines. However, it is beneficial in the long run.

5.   Misleading Redirects

We covered Redirection in detail in one of our earlier posts. In simple words, it means when an individual clicks on a link, they are taken to a different URL instead of the one they intended to visit. When it comes to Black Hat SEO, the intent of redirection is malicious and, they purposely redirect users to one page and the search engine crawlers to another page.

Misleading redirects are only used for increasing their search engine rank. However,
this is a moot point as unethical means can jeopardize the ranking and indexing
of the web pages in the future as it violates search engine guidelines.

Why and How to avoid Black Hat SEO?

Like all things, the easiest route seems far more tempting. However, the repressions are not always favorable. As you have read above, one of the most important reasons Black Hat SEO should be avoided is because it is unethical and can lead to complications for your website as it resorts to violating several search engine guidelines leading to a penalty. If your webpage earns a penalty then recovering the lost rankings is a farfetched dream as you will not only lose your ranking but even your traffic is bound to reduce drastically.

We always recommend that you follow the best practice for SEO like Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC and to help you out. Please feel free to get in contact with us here at vancoverseoca@gmail.com and we can discuss what we can do for you.

Why SEO Training is Important for you and your employees?

Have you ever wondered why companies that are in marketing and advertisement spend billions on SEO training and seminars, conjoining the knowledge of their employees with experts around the globe? It’s because these things matter for the success of their company, and owners of these major companies know that SEO is everything when it comes to creating web content and hoping for the best. This is why we SEO Agency Vancouver have decided to show you exactly how important is SEO training for you and your employees. Here are some of the basic advantages of organizing an SEO training for your employees and coworkers.

Better Content

You’ll end up having better content on your website that you’re promoting or on that which your clients have ordered. Your entire team will know where you’ve made mistakes in the past and they will strive towards changing those flaws in routine in the future. Ultimately, by learning how to create better content with their newly found SEO skills, they will contribute with their work to making even more sales and gaining even more traffic. Conversion rate is important for those in business strictly defined by the need of the audience. You can’t earn if all you have is traffic and it doesn’t serve you better than piling up the numbers of individuals that have entered your domain. These numbers include those that haven’t even read your posts or see your services. They were most likely dragged there by a clickbait or any other type of audience luring technique.

Higher Ranked Status

Your content will be ranked higher or at least you will experience higher ranking on some of your web content only because you’ve conducted training and your team is well informed on what to do. By following precise instructions and implementing some of the best search engine optimization technique they will greatly contribute to higher-ranked domains and websites in your belonging. They’ll even attract bloggers of similar status and open doors to collaboration with higher-tier clients. This means more fame and glory to your work and a naturally better financial situation for everyone within our company.

Going Through the Basics Again

Even if your team is already well informed on popular SEO strategies that might be implemented to increase the success of affiliate business projects or projects in other types of businesses, it doesn’t hurt to go through the basics again. They’ll refresh their memories on important rules and find out that they have missed something. Even if they haven’t missed a thing and know everything there is to know about SEO nowadays it might help them understand it differently allowing you to change strategies and approach to SEO. Being that no one knows for sure how search engine algorithms work and what makes a perfect website in a particular niche, you shouldn’t waste any chance to figure it out or at least get fresh ideas on how SEO works.

Search Engine Optimization Vancouver BC provides professional Search Engine Optimization SEO training in Vancouver. We treat your SEO like we want ours to be treated, with the most professional, advanced services. Please contact vancoverseoca@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding the possibilities for the growth of your business.

Take note of these latest digital marketing trends for SEO

As technologies become increasingly advanced, the digital marketing landscape is in a constant state of evolution and we move one step closer to what was once deemed “science-fiction”. If you consider the recent rise of Artificial Intelligence, you will agree that the winds of change are certainly blowing. It is therefore crucial for marketers to be aware of the latest trends in this fiercely competitive industry and assess whether they can leverage any unique opportunities. As always, we are here to help and have chosen some hot trends.


Programmatic advertising has been around for a while, but it’s not yet reached its full potential. Use of this AI-fuelled technology has been slower amongst B2B marketers than it has amongst B2C marketers, but with 65 per cent of digital media advertising budgets predicted to be spent programmatically in 2019, that could be set to change. Vancouver SEO Services will help you to boost your knowledge of the basics quickly and easily.


With 59 per cent of senior business executives stating that they prefer to watch videos rather than read text about a subject if both options are available, video marketing is already a big deal.

It’s likely to become even more significant in 2019, however, with the use of live video broadcasts and personalized video messages becoming more prevalent. This means that it’s the perfect time to start incorporating more video content creation into your company’s marketing plan.


Yes, it is unlikely that 50% of all queries will be voice-based by 2020, but the increasing popularity and usage of voice-enabled devices mean this type of search should not be ignored. Talking directly to your device can seem strange but this behavior has been adopted by more consumers due to its sheer convenience. Brands have also been testing the water and notable examples include people being able to order a pizza or an Uber via Amazon’s Alexa. Just like visual search, changes in search habits do not happen overnight, but as more consumers become more accustomed to using voice search, we could start to see real signs of a search evolution.

It will certainly be interesting to see how marketers leverage voice search opportunities and if you are wondering how to optimize for voice search, please take a look at our article which includes three useful tips!


Whether it’s in the form of emails, website content or videos produced with specific groups of clients in mind, personalized content will be an essential tool for marketers in 2019. 59 percent of retail consumers believe that receiving personalized messages has a noticeable effect on what they purchase, and it’s a technique that can also be applied effectively by B2B marketers to boost their company’s sales. I personally recommend to study this from Vancouver SEO Consultant.


Millennials are big fans of user-generated content (UGC) and take it into account when deciding what to buy. In fact, 59 percent of them refer to it when selecting major electronics products. With many of today’s B2B tech buyers in this age group, it makes sense to use marketing methods that appeal to them. Therefore, UGC could become a key tool for marketers working in the field in the next few years, whether you choose to use reviews, photos, videos or guest blog posts.

The immense growth of mobile devices has been on every marketers’ radar for a long time now. A mobile first approach is becoming more important nowadays as there has been a rise in voice searches and also Google has announced they will be launching a mobile-first algorithm.


As we can see user generated contents, voice search, video marketing and programmatic ads plays a vital role in digital marketing these days. Also social media marketing is the main thing for digital marketing these days like youtube, facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.